Latimer Primary School


Co-Head Teachers:

Ms Claire Mitchell

Ms Emma Turner



Developing Responsibility; Caring about achievement

Eco Schools

Latimer has held the top Eco Schools Green Flag award for the last 10 years. We are currently in the processs of applying for our 4th Green Flag Award. We also hold the Fairtrade Schools Award. We have even been called the Greenest School in Leicester by the Leicester Mercury!

In lower KS2 all pupils have the opportunity to learn about how to care for the environment  in our environment and sustainability curriculum. They begin the Autumn term thinking about what it means to be sustainable and the risks to the environment if we don't care for it. In the Spring term we think carefully about the risk to the environment in other parts of the world and the impact of Fairtrade in Africa. We have even written letters to the Prime Minister on the subject. Finally in the summer term we use what we have learnt to plan our own project which will help us care for the environment.

We also have an active Eco Schools team who meet regularly to make sure that we share our eco knowledge to the rest of the school. They make sure that all of the teachers switch off the lights and projectors when not in use and that our school is clean and tidy. They also carry out our Environment Survey which we complete each year.

This year we are focusing on:

- Repairing the school garden

- Reducing the amount of waste and copying that we use.

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