Latimer Primary School


Co-Head Teachers:

Ms Claire Mitchell

Ms Emma Turner



Developing Responsibility; Caring about achievement

History of Latimer

History of Anstey Latimer School

A new school opened in Latimer St in Anstey in January 1896. Its first Headmaster was a Mr. John Bassett.

By 1903, Mr C H .Lewis became headmaster and he was responsible for many varied activities in the village. A collection of wild life exhibits was built up, and there was even a stuffed otter on display; apparently, it had been caught in the brook!

During the First World War (1914- 1918) Mr Lewis organised the local war effort and older girls at the school were formed into a Red Cross unit. Others were sent out to collect blackberries and apples for the farm, and acorns and acorns for the pigs.

Back in 1904 there were 373 children regularly attending school and three classes established at the at the Methodist school rooms in Cropston Road. These were in use until 1912 when the second Latimer site was built. Anstey School teacher Mary Herbert was taught in their School rooms and after told of the fun that we had. In the Nook their playground. There were probably only 1 or 2 vehicles in the Village at the time. The Nook was also used in 1911 for the school celebration for King George V's. Coronation.

 There were regular checks on the children’s attendance especially at harvests time! With the expansion especially of the school, new Latimer block became the junior school and Bradgate – Rd the Infant school. The Latimer Street Building has altered little in over 100 years of building education for Anstey’s children!

By a previous Latimer Primary School Pupil