Latimer Primary School


Co-Head Teachers:

Ms Claire Mitchell

Ms Emma Turner



Developing Responsibility; Caring about achievement


We also have in place policies on the following areas, if you wish to view these policies please contact the school office. 

- Admissions policy

- Attendence Policy

-Community Cohesion Policy

- Child Protection Policy

- Disability Equality Scheme

- Equal Opportunities Statement

- Exclusion of pupils policy

- Freedom of information Act and Policy

- Equality Policy

- ICT Acceptable Use Policy

- Images of young children guidance

- Racial Equality and Anti-Racist Policy

- Special Educational Needs Policy

- Website Policy


There are also further policies relating to HR,  Curriculum,  ICT, Health and Safety, Care, Guidance and Support. If you have any queries concerning our policies please contact the school office.

SEN Policy School Complaints Policy Behaviour Policy Charging Policy Anti-Bullying Policy Accessibility Policy Medical Needs Policy Latimer SEN Local Offer Equality Policy Safeguarding Policy