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Developing responsibility; Caring about achievement

School Aims and Values

Learning to know

Learning to know means knowing lots of different things, developing our knowledge and finding out information - for instance, knowing our times tables facts, finding out the functions of the major organs in the body and learning what happened in the past. It’s all about being inquisitive and wanting to know more.


Learning to do

Learning to do is about putting what we know into practice. It’s about solving problems and using the information that we have learnt. It is also about learning new skills - for example ball skills in PE, pencil skills in art and being apply our knowledge for instance to create great pieces of writing.


Learning to be

Learning to be is learning about who we are and how we are with others. It’s about becoming independent and learning to take responsibility for ourselves. It’s about using our feelings and imagination to become individuals. We value our own achievements and set ourselves goals.


Learning to live together

Learning to live together is about learning to live and work with others in our community and in our world, with our friends in the playground and in our classes. Learning to Live Together reflects the British Values of tolerance. We have four simple truths, which are ‘I take pride and always do my best’; ‘I am no better or worse than you are’; ‘I will cross the road for you’; and ‘I take responsibility for myself and others.’ These simple truths help us to live together.



I am no better or worse than you are                

Being no better or no worse than you are means that we always treat each other equally. We never call people names or brag to others about our talent. We are always extremely thoughtful about others and make sure that we support each other with our learning.    


I will cross the road for you.

‘I will cross the road for you’ means that we support the people in our school. If they are feeling lonely or upset we always make sure that we help and check that they’re ok. If we saw someone being hurt we would make sure we put a stop to it, by telling an adult.


I take responsibility for myself and others.

‘I take responsibility for myself and others’ means that we think carefully about our own behaviour and learning. If we see someone who is struggling or who is not taking responsibility for themselves we support them to make the right choice.  This also means that we take responsibility for our school, where we live and our world.


I take pride in always doing my best.

‘Taking pride in always doing my best’ means that I work my hardest, think carefully about my learning and do the best I possibly can, no matter what I am doing!  We are always proud when we do our best and know when we need to make improvements.  We take pride in our outstanding behaviour.


The 4 L's

The 4 Simple Truths

Developing responsibility; Caring about achievement

At Latimer Primary School our 4L's and 'Simple Truths' guide all of our day to day work and the decisions that we make. The 4Ls are at the heart of our Leadership and vision and the Simple Truths guide our behaviour and culture.

The Simple Truths are reflected in our day to day work in the classroom and are known and understood by pupils, staff and governors and discussed regularly with our parents. These two sets of values have been used to create our single long term aim- our vision for Latimer.

The 4Ls are based on the UNESCO pillars of education and idenifies the 4 key elements to education. All of the decisions we make in school regarding the curriculum or our policies are made considering these 4 principles.


The 4Ls are at the heart of education at Latimer and are reflected in our planning and curriculum development, and are celebrated and shared with all the school community in the classroom and during our achievers assembly on a Friday.

Our 'Simple Truths' form the basis of the school's behaviour policy and provide a structure for children to base their decision making on. The Simple Truths are referred to throughout the school day and children who follow the 'Simple Truths' are rewarded with a star award and entered into a prize draw to receive a book at the end of each term.


We believe that all our children should leave our school as responsible citizens who have achieved their full potential.