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Pupil Premium 2014-2015

What is the pupil premium and who is it for?


The pupil premium is a government initiative in which additional funding is given to schools to help raise the attainment of low-income families; the intention of this being to close any gaps between them and their peers and to ensure that they have equal opportunities.  

This funding is paid directly to the school and is dependent on the number of pupils who have been registered as eligible for free school meals in the last six years or have been in care for at least 6 months and a lesser amount is given for students whose parents are in the armed forces.  For the financial year 2014 to 2015, schools received £1300 per pupil; the school therefore received a total of £93,900.


Click here to find out if you could be entitled to claim 'free school meals'


How is this funding been used?


Many of the initiatives that were introduced last year will be continued and built upon in this academic year.  However, in continuing to develop the effective use of this grant we have introduced new ways in which this funding can be used to support the children's well-being and academic progress.


Investment for this academic year is as follows:


• Additional interventions during the school day; 1:1 and small group work focused on the children’s needs – subject focus dependent on pupil needs.

• Additional interventions during lunch and after school:- small group work focusing on the specific skills the children need to develop.  These sessions are  

      led either by a teaching assistant or by a teacher.

• Classroom support:- support for pupils whilst remaining in the whole class teaching environment.

• Lead SEN teacher:- supporting those pupils in particular who are not only from a low-income family but are also on the SEN register.

• Pupil premium packs:- educational resources provided to support children’s learning at home - increased spend per pack compared with 2012-13.

• Contribution given towards book purchasing at the book fair:- encouraging reading beyond the school book scheme, reading for enjoyment.

• Providing school uniforms and P.E. kits for those who require:- development of a sense of belonging and to ensure pupils can access physical education.

• Subsidising school visits including the residential trip:- inclusion.

• Subsidising afterschool activities such as judo, football and recorder club, particularly for those pupils who academically need less support but would like to

      develop their talents in other ways.

• Homework and reading support given through free attendance of breakfast club or afterschool for one session a week.  Breakfast is also provided for pupils

      who use the walking bus service.

• Extra 1:1 reading sessions.

• Provision of fruit for KS2 children and milk provided for all 5+ children.

• Resourcing of equipment for intervention groups.



All subsidiaries require pre-approval from the SLT in order to monitor spending.


How was this spending divided?


Staffing: £81,900

Subsidising uniform: £600

Pupil Premium Packs: £3,000

Book fair: 1,300

Learning resources: £300

Clubs: £1000

Small Steps intervention: £900

Provision of fruit: £200

Provision of milk: £200

Trips including the residential: £1,000

Subsidising extended schools: £3,500

Impact of spending 2014-2015