Latimer Primary School

Latimer Street, Anstey, Leicester, LE7 7AW: 01162362138  

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Developing responsibility; Caring about achievement

The School Day

7: 30 AM: Breakfast Club Opens


8:35AM: The school gates are open from 8:35 am. Children enter the classroom to begin the school day.


8:45AM : Gates are closed at 8:45am.


8:50AM: Registration begins at 8:50am and the gates are locked at this point. Any children who arrive after 8:50am need to enter school via the front door and will be marked late by the office.


9AM: Assembly- Assemblies take place at 9am most days.


Morning learning: Often begins  with phonics or punctuation, spelling and grammar lessons, although this can vary depending on the day or year group.


Breaktime is at 10:40am. Often we have assembly before breaktime, which is led either by our specialist music teacher, members of the senior leadership team or visitors to the school. Lessons continue at 10:55am until lunch time.


Lunch time for EYFS begins  is 11:45am -12:45pm.   Years  1-3 12:00pm- 1pm         Years 4-6 12:10pm - 1:10pm.  


Afternoon session: The afternoon sessions begins with an opportunity for independent reading across the school. The remainder of the afternoon focuses mainly on the wider curriculum. School finishes for the day at 3:15pm.


After school club closes at 6pm